Non-fiction writing covers a broad sweep of subjects from ancient history to self-help through to art. The genre requires a writer to marshal their facts, organise their subject and pick their way through history.




Writing historical non-fiction demands the ability to write engaging narratives that draws on historical facts while bringing the subject to life. Aside from bringing a passion for the subject and an ability to engage readers, historical non-fiction calls for precision, a talent for research and..







Great art writing requires a delicate melding of both the writer’s voice and that of the artist. In the art space a writer needs to master both their analytical repertoire and their visual experience with alternative creative techniques, colour palettes and mediums as well as a deep knowledge of historical art movements.


The World in Prints - Text By David Rymer 


The lowly poster, a quick and efficient communication medium for promoting brands and advertise goods, morphed into a respected art form during the late 1800s in France. The `art poster' was born through the convergence of emerging aesthetic movements, technological advances, and sweeping societal changes. Fine art embraced commercial design, influenced by the egalitarian spirit of the Arts and Crafts movement and later Art Nouveau. Artist Jules Cheret, "Father of the Modern Poster," perfected a high-quality printing process that produced large, colour saturated images. An emerging middle class was the ready target for consuming new manufactured goods, literary publications, theatrical events, and new-found leisure entertainment. A sea of sumptuous images added a "joie de vivre" to everyday life, ushering in a period of French life now known as the Belle Epoque. These posters, although ephemeral in intent, have been collected and continually reproduced over the subsequent decades, a testament to their timeless beauty and emotional depth of their designs. This book chronicles the influence of the art poster in France and its rapid spread across Europe and the United States and offers readers a poster tour of the development of the art poster.




Self Help


Self-help is a thriving genre with a built-in audience. You name a problem and someone somewhere is struggling with it. Wring a great self-help book requires getting inside the head of your readers and anticipating their questions. Success implies bring both expertise and life experience to the book.


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