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New Patient Acquisition


There is a massive amount of research on nurturing new patient leads, how best to fill a patient pipeline and how to keep it moving smoothly through to a consultation. 


On average, we see more qualified leads, shorter conversion cycles, and larger purchase amounts made by nurtured leads compared to cold leads. Who doesn’t want that? The key in a health context appears to be providing prospective patients with engaging content designed to achieve three goals:

  • Build trust
  • Nurture relationships
  • Establish credibility and position the practice as an authoritative source of information.

Retaining Patients And Onselling Other Services

One of the most proven, cost-effective ways of increasing your practice’s patient numbers is by re-engaging those patients who have experienced past care. Compelling content that arrests your patient’s attention is one of the keys to patient retention.


Whether you need to write a medical article, draft a case study, pitch an idea for a medical journal article, or develop promotional or educational material, my professional medical writing services allow you to do more in less time:

  • Articles
  • Journal articles
  • Website copy
  • Patient or practitioner education


I am an experienced freelance medical writer with deep insights into general practice, physiotherapy, chiropractors and plastic surgery.


Contact me to request samples of my work or to discuss specific assignments.









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